Monday, December 8, 2014

Cookbook Club Favorites

The Cookbook Club has been meeting at Kirtland Public Library since June, 2012. We meet the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6 pm, except for November and December. (For these months, we meet once in early December.)

So far we've cooked from 25 books and one blog!

Our top three favorite cookbooks so far:

We follow the Cleveland food blogger at and were lucky enough to have her as a guest at one of our meetings! Check out this girl's delicious recipes today.  

We've sampled at least 150 dishes and shared many recipes, laughs, and tips. Of the dishes, our favorites have been twice baked potatoes, turkey sandwiches, tomato crostini, and chicken pot pie casserole.

Our favorite ingredients to cook with are chocolate, olive oil, vegetables, and pasta.

Here is a list of our favorite kitchen tools:

immersion blender
Vitamix blender
Kitchen Aid mixer
crockpot liners
good knives
cutting board
wooden spoon

See all of the cookbooks we've used at the Library's website: 

Want to start your own cookbook club? Grab some friends and a cookbook. The Library has cookbooks of all kinds!